The Battle of Britain ‘began over Orkney’

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

-Winston Churchill

I just read an article by Stephen McGinty on the Scotsman website. Apparently an author has suggested that the famous Battle of Britain has been mis-recorded by historians. The author is claiming that it began over the Island of Orkney. Consequently it was the Scots that first defended Britain’s interests during that war. Fighter Planes The author, Les Taylor wrote the book called Luftwaffe Over Scotland: A History of German Air Attacks on Scotland, 1939-45. And this might be worth having a look at.

He states that the German Airforce attacked Royal Navy shipping lines in the area of Orkney in April. Whilst I do not doubt that this battle occurred, I personally do not feel that this should be considered the start of the battle of Britain. Firstly, as implied the target of this attack was Royal Navy Shipping lines, not Britain itself. Further, Orkney is of no strategic asset for an invasion of Britain

Whilst they may have used radar in the attack and they may indeed have fought a victorious battle the author’s conclusion that this could have just been a warm up for the real Battle of Britain seems justified.  Experts also seem to support his theory about dates being incorrect.


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