Commonwealth Games could be cancelled

Commonwealth GamesIn Scotland I would not exactly say our streets are the most clean nor our buildings the most spectacular in the world, perhaps the castles. So when you read in the news that Scottish officials were appalled by the state of cleanliness of the accommodation provided by the organizers of this years commonwealth games, it speaks tremendous loads.

The specification for the athletes village set out by Delhi states that the accommodation was to be of  a very high standard – beyond that of anything that previously came before. However it sounds like they managed to achieve sub standard accommodation instead. A Bridge in the vicinity has collapsed, the officials were appalled and negotiated to move to “more complete” albeit still in quite a state accommodation. With anti-corruption investigations into the building standards used to construct the commmonwealth games village, it is not a good time for a bridge to start randomly collapsing!

The Commonwealth Games Federation has been spoken to about the situation specifically over a decision about what circimstances and when a decision about the games – that is to cancell them for this year will take place.

Wales, whom has already went out early to inspect the facilities has had ample time to get things to a more acceptable standard and they fear for countries that have yet to arrive.  They too have made calls for pressure to be put on the Indian government and the organizers for these problems to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

With 6,500 people expected from across 61 countries the games would represent a major financial and economic benefit to the host country the pain of the games being cancelled would quite likely be an incentive for the Indian government to take all necessary steps to resolve the problem.

The Times India

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