British Spy Murdered

Having been Transferred from GCHQ to Mi6 headquarters in London on unknown activities to his family: most likely a secret agent for British Intelligence Services his body has been discovered. Found in a central London flat, with a number of mobile phone sims, which reminds me of the recently discovered plot to defraud O2 by stealing mobile phone sims.

Claims are suggesting that he had been dead for at least two weeks. However suspicions are amidst perhaps not helped by the secret service playing down that his work could be linked to the murder.

People who knew him suggested that his personality profile is not one which should be expected to fall into company with the wrong types which leaves me wondering if some form of internal conspiracy at MI6 has occurred.

Scotland Yard in conjunction with counter terrorism and security service officials have launched an investigation into the case. If they feel the need to involve both counter terrorism and security service,  which technically suggests both MI5 and MI6 are involved it raises the question about what really happened. Can we trust a investigation of an MI6 agent’s murder to be handled by that very same organization? As a friend pointed out perhaps the three forces being involved could just be due to the government cuts meaning they need all three to manage to get an investigation team together?

The lack of information on the subject seems to be fueling the suspisions of what has been happening.

BBC News
The Guardian

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