Stonehenge meet Woodhenge

Stonehenge It is likely that everyone, everyone in Britain at least knows of Stonehenge. Archaeologists have for a long time been comming up with suggestions of what it was for. Conspiricy theorists have also came up with their own ideas but truely no one left alive  can truely know. Weather it was a burial site, a meeting point, a town hall or ufo landing platform I dont know.

However, what is now known, is the big empty feild next to it, has had the Archaeologists in it, and they have unearthed something new: woodhenge. It is very similar to stonehenge, except, as my coined name suggests, it is made of well, wood.

Surprisingly, the area around Stonehenge has been left untouched by archaeologists all this time and Professor Gaffney of the site has said there is a likelyhood of more discoveries as they continue their work. I wonder if there will be a ring of woodhenges around stonehenge making stonehenge a kind of focus?


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