Processing card payments should be straight forwards

House built from £20 notesMoney makes the world go round treat it with respect.

I have been working in my current position for nearly a year now. I have seen clients ask for strange things, insist we spend stupidly long amounts of time moving things just for them to say we don’t want it there anyway.

The one thing that I find that consistently causes loss of payments comes down to the money part.

Recently we tried to acquire some new software for the business, being a UK business we have a UK Issued Debit Card, many Europeans will have similar types of card. These are not recognised by payment systems as being credit cards, so when we found the company did not actually accept payments on anything other than a credit card, we were forced to re-evaluate our purchase. They lost the sale.

I just attempted to pay my partner’s phone bill online, he is with orange, and one of the reasons I recently moved away from Orange (there was more than just not having the phone I wanted), I discovered not too much to my surprise as I have experienced it many times as an Orange customer: The classic “There has been a problem, your error has been logged”. My error? Trying to give those guys money? So Orange are left without money.

I recently tried to update my Self Assessment online – well, what should have been a 5 minute job (including finding the log in details) turned into a 3 month trek. They finally got it sorted last week.

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