Manchester Spit Target

Manchester Spit Target

Picture of Me in Flight Suit with Spit on Me SignIntroduction

Hello, I am a Spit Target in Manchester more precisely Swinton. I am looking to start up a Spit group. If you are prepared to spit, or perhaps you want to be spat on, get in touch and we can arrange a day to goto a park or somewhere and have a wonderful day of receiving (or giving if that’s your preference) Spit.

Seeking Spitters

Are you 18-27? Sexual orientation is not relevant (although having a straight 18 year old chav to bully me would be appreciated).  I would love to meet with you and sit down at your mercy to receive your spit all over my face.

My preference is for on the face as much and as frequently being spat on as you can offer.

Spit Target: My First Experience

I had been previously spat on, but this was when I was going out of my way to try and be spat on. It was during a school holiday, so I wrote on a sticky note: “Please, Spit On Me. Thanks!” and stuck it to my chest. I went for a walk through the woods to the neighboring village, on the way, I heard some boys on bikes approaching, so I opened up my jacket so they could see the sign.

I was so afraid of what was going to happen, but I did not cover up I was ready to go the full way! They arrived, and spotted it. I was so nervous by this time, they started asking questions like if i knew it was there. I could not answer. I just kept on walking. The sign however started to slip, they pointed it out and I done nothing. Then they cycled on a bit, I left out a breath and straightened it back up, somehow catching up with them, they instantly saw this to be the case.

One of them went behind me, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I continued walking, and suddenly, I heard it! Spitting coming from behind. I didn’t know if they were faking or not at the time. Before long, we reached the town and went in different directions. I took my jacket off and had a look, thankfully, he had been spitting, and I rubbed it into my face. Was the most pleasurable experience I had had at that time.

I returned to the village after dinner and they had obviously started to spread the news, some people came up to verify if it was true. I did not answer of course. The relationship between me and the villagers grew and over time, I was getting spat on quite regularly by them, I was always going out on walks and deliberately putting myself in their path if I seen them coming in the hopes of getting some over me. I did receive quite a few wonderful spits in the process.

However since moving I have not been quite so lucky, hence why I want to Start up as an official Manchester Spit Target.

Spit Target Store

Check out the CafePress store where you can buy merchandize to help you set yourself up as a Spit Target in your own area.

Spit Target Store