Britain has fallen out of the Top 10

graph negativeAt the height of the British Empire, it stretched such that a quarter of the Earth’s Land was under British rule the high seas equally belonged to the Empire. However, as with all great things, the British Empire fell, now we’re not much more than an Island with a lot of debt and poor government.

The report by Legatum Prosperity Index comes to reveal that what was once a vast and powerful empire is now falen out of the top ten list. Health, education, and safety and security are points on the list, that one would have thought would be an area that any country would strive to be in the top 1 position. However the UK isn’t even in the top 20 in them.

When it gets to confidence in financial institutions, of 110 countries that were in the ratings, we rank 101st. There are good points however (yeah can you believe it!). Apparently the UK is a country fostering and encouraging growth through entrepreneurship which hopefully will be a good thing for David Cameron is betting on the future of our nation based on this.


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