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5000 Police attend Royal Wedding, whos watching the crown jewels?

Published by calhoun on April 20th, 2011 - in Politics

Britain's Prince William smiles as he walks with his girlfriend Kate Middleton at RAF Cranwell, central EnglandAccording to the London Metropolitan Police force, on the day Prince William says,” I do”, there will be around 5000 police officers on duty to protect them and protect the day. The police force has already rejected requests from Islamic groups to protest outside Westminister Abbey on the event and Police are considering blocking their ability to protest at other sites in the area.

The police department has approximately 50K staff in total so 10% of the police force will be protecting Prince William on his big day – with an estimated £1.1 Million budget just for that single day which doesnt really consider that police are working already on securing the route that the Price will take to the Abbey.

With any luck the metropolitan police force will be putting more officers on active duty that day than just the 5000 that have been allocated to the wedding. If they do not then I can forsee a high risk of criminal activity taking advantage of the rather low presence of police through the rest of the London area.

By the way, if he proposed on a 3 month holiday to some exotic place, where does he go for the Honeymoon?

BBC News

1 in 200 arrests under Anti Terror Laws had no Terrorism element laws deemed worthless

Published by calhoun on October 28th, 2010 - in News, Politics

Counter Terrorism SquadThe Terrorism Act, Section 44 gave police powers to stop and search in the name of anti-terrorism. The extent of these searches has came to light as fruitless in a review by the new home secretary. Just 1 in every 200 stops lead to an arrest, and of these, none were arrests due to terrorism related offenses it may be possession of drugs or offenses like that they were taken into custody for.

It goes to show that violating civil liberties really doesn’t achieve much useful goals. The numbers work out at a successful arrest rate of 0.5% against 10% for stop and search conducted not using Terrorism as an excuse. Liberal Democrat peer Lord Ken MacDonald is conducting a review into the counter terrorism policy which should hopefully see some sanity come to the UK’s anti terror laws at last. The official review is expected to be published in the near future, and co-incides nicely with criticism of airport security just this week.

Associated Press

Police Departments Closed for Business

Published by calhoun on August 29th, 2010 - in News

Police Car Mini Budget cuts are likely to see the loss of 2,800 police officers in Scotland. Officials at the Parliament in Edinburgh stated that the achievement of 1000 new Officers has been a major success whilst trying to avoid that that means in their time in power they have actually lost 1,800 officers if this plan goes ahead. Despite citing that front line services are a priority. Surely the police are a front line service?

The cuts are on scales that it means the loss of the entire Central, Northen and Tayside Police forces.Having looked at the official statistics, crime does not seem to have dropped at all in the last few years. Indeed with these kind of cuts, it will put the overall Scottish Police at levels well below what it has been in many years.

The Scottish Goverment
BBC News

Ministers, Priests and Terrorist coverups

Published by calhoun on August 24th, 2010 - in News

In 1972 in  the village of Claudy, Ireland,  there were a number of IRA Terrorist attacks. Ireland has its share of problems with terrorism but who would have thought that that would go so far as to have a conspiracy involving the Government , Police and even a collaboration with the Catholic church which we always suspect of being behind activities of a dubious nature.

In the incidents no one was ever charged, however an official investigation has revealed that a Priest may have had a significant impact on the bombings. In addition to his role of preaching to the good catholics, being a good catholic  himself he also ran a side operation of recruitment for the terrorism industry.

He is reportedly the Director of Operations for the IRA in South Derry.

In a suspicious twist of justice, senior police officers prevented him from being questioned over the allegations. Government ministers equally seem to have been involved in this. Fearing that an arrest of a man in his position(I’m not sure if we’re meaning his directorship or Priesthoodship) could destabilize the country and send it deeper into civil unrest our a full scale civil war.

The Assistant Chief Constable wrote to the Northen Ireland Office stating: ““what action, if any, could be taken to render harmless a dangerous priest, Father Chesney”” and that it should be brought up with more senior members of the church. In response a meeting by the secretary of state and Cardinal Conway the head of the Church in Northern Ireland was held. The Cardinal revealed: “The cardinal said that he knew that the priest was a very bad man and would see what could be done. The cardinal mentioned the possibility of transferring him to Donegal.

Not  that it really makes a difference now, all significant figures that were involved in the tripple conspiricy and perversion of justice are all dead. They say it was by means of natural causes.

The Gaurdian

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