Web Hosting Control Panel Road Map Version 0.1

Requirements Specification [version 0.1]

The goal of this project is to develop an alternative to the existing commercial control panel solutions Plesk and CPanel. These are currently the only viable control panels for web hosting firms (Yes, there are others that exist but they are far too lacking to be useful).

These specifications apply to version 0.1 future versions will have their own updated roadmap with which to consider.

Technical Services

For this release a key selection of services will be handeled these are deemed as minimuim productive levels for a control panel solution:

  • Lighthttp Virtual Hosting
  • Lighthttp Global Configuration
  • Client Support
  • DNS Handling  [Bind]
  • MySQL User and Database Configuration
  • Email System
  • FTP Controller

Asthetical Considerations

  • Skinable Design
  • CSS/xHTML standard complience
  • Package Manager [for host]

Security Considerations

  • Abstract Security System
  • Hardware/Software Interface
  • User Access Control

These feature requests are not currently final, so other suggestions will be considered, and likely included in version 0.1 road map.

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  1. calhoun says:

    This project will be used for an coming web hosting company and consequently I have decided to prioritize development for working on a LightHttp Web Server set-up.

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