Backups how often do they get done.

The question of backups is one that faces every system administrator. The real question is weather they have a backup in place and is it up to date enough? How many organizations do not have a practical backup policy in place? Our backup strategy is good, but has room for improvement also. All new work […]

UK Government not prepared for Cyber attacks

It seems that whilst London has been busy fighting over where money should be going they may have forgot there is a nation to run. This week has seen some serious warnings about the failings of the UK National security preparations. Government Communication HeadQuarters (GCHQ) director Iain Lobban has warned of a threat of cyber […]

Testing and Development shouldnt be fighting each other

Testing is an important part of the software development life cycle. I was shown this image today and it got me thinking. We are currently evaluating, and likely to press ahead with completion of purchase in  the next week of a new project management system. The new system will have an integrated source control monitoring […]

Ireland: 3 Strikes and out is just not good enough.

The UK Parliament chaired by the dark Lord Mandelson forced through the Digital Economy Bill  designed to give the music industry severe power over the Internet has today received a major blow to the credibility of the act. A Judge at a High Court in Ireland has ruled that the 3 strikes rule just is […]

Google Trials Driverless Car and no one was killed

The guys at Google have apparently been testing Driver less cars releasing them on the unsuspecting population of California with a whopping 140,000 miles on the clock it is an impressive display of technology. Driver less cars are not exactly new, but I am not sure they have been as extensively tested in real life […]

Facebook pulls out a shiney patent on GPS

The guys over at Facebook have been granted a patent which could threaten a large number of companies from Social Networking to Satellite Navigation technology. The patent application, filed in 2007 titled “Systems and methods for automatically locating web-based social network members” comes equipped with an almost PhD thesis level of vagueness. The patent describes […]